Abus City Chain X Plus 1060 Chain Lock


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The ultimate chain for all round bicycle security, the innovative City chain is built around a nigh-on impenetrable multi layered hardened steel lock body with Powercell technology and the marvellous X-Plus locking mechanism.

Hexagonal section 10mm hardened steel chain includes a Powerlink which fits directly into the lock body for extreme resistance to torque/pulling attack.


  • Recommended for securing two-wheelers with a high risk of theft


  • Attach two-wheeler to a fixed object (e.g. lamppost, road sign, fence)


  • 10 mm hexagonal chain hard as granite, with very high resistance against cutting, pulling and torsion
  • Patented ABUS power cell technology with direct locking of the chain in the lock body
  • Patented ABUS X-Plus cylinder for highest picking protection
  • Automatic keyhole cover


  • Easily transported under the seat, as the chain can be folded compactly around the seat post

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Abus City Chain X Plus 1060 Chain Lock