BBB Patron Galaxy S4 Phone Mount


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Turn your iPhone 5/5S. iPhone 4/4S or Samsung Galaxy S4 into a high-end bicycle computer (Smartphone not included).

  • Slim case for every day use.
  • Polycarbonate, impact resistant shell for protection against drops.
  • Shock absorbing silicone sleeve for added stability and protection.
  • The set includes a summer and rain sleeve for optimal weather dependent use.
  • Extra shock padding in the back gives full enclosure protection.
  • Lens shield for rear camera to prevent damage from road dirt.
  • Full phone operability.
  • Mountable in portrait or landscape.
  • Adjustable viewing angle for optimal viewing or filming.
  • Mountable on stem and handlebar with included BSM-91 PhoneFix.
  • BSM-01: Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Weight 69g.
  • BSM-02: compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5S. Weight 69g.
  • BSM-06: compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4. Waterproof speaker mesh for optimal sound and protection. Weigh: 70g. Bracket included. Colour black.

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BBB Patron Galaxy S4 Phone Mount